Every small business owner should be BFF with social media!

However, most business owners don’t know how to use the vast number of social media channels to their advantage. Usually, the challenge we here is “I don’t know what to post or share?” That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of our top 15 engaging social media ideas and topics to help you craft engaging and relevant posts that will help you build your following AND brand loyalty!


  1. Blog Post – This is, of course, a no-brainer! If you have a blog, chances are you’re spending a lot of time creating engaging that you hope will wow the socks off of your readers! But, where do most people spend their time nowadays?! On Social Media!! So, if you aren’t sharing your content on Social Media, you aren’t giving your content the chance to soar with the eagles!
  2. New Product or Service – This is another one of those, “duh, why didn’t I think of that before” ideas. Whether your small business is brand new or has been around for a bit, there’s no better way to build some brand loyalty by talking about what you offer and why it’s superior to any other product or service! If you sell products, this is a great time to brush up on your photography skills or hire a professional! But, pair your posts with stunning images of your product to really grab someone’s attention. And don’t forget to brand the shit out of it. Ok, ok, maybe just add your logo in the bottom corner of the image! Subtlety is always better! If you offer services, don’t think you’re automatically relieved from your photo-taking duty. Feature your employees offering your services, whether it’s an A/C estimate or marketing services, there’s always a way to add a visual! And don’t forget to brand your image too!
  3. Promotion or Special Offer or Giveaway – Most small business owners begrudgingly offer anything for free or at a discount. And rightfully so, you got bills to pay and mouths to feed! But, when  you’re a new kid on the block, one of the best and sometimes only ways to get your product into the hands of influencers is via freebies! Feel free to do promotions, special offers or giveaways sparingly, but, once you see the positive comments and engagement on your social media channels, you’ll start seeing the value instead of the dollars and cents!
  4. Ask A Question – What better way to engage with your audience on social media than to simply ask them a question?! From thoughts regarding who won Best Actor at the Oscars, to comments regarding Google’s latest business venture, ask your customer base for their opinions. We all know that people love sharing their opinion! Wanna take it to the next level? Find out what your audience is really into. Look at their demographics and similar interests to find something that they’re passionate about and will WANT to discuss. Our advice is to always steer clear of topics that are overtly controversial, but no one should know your audience like you do.
  5. Industry News – Finally, a break! Nothing you need to create or put a lot of effort into! Your social media plan doesn’t always have to be about you and your business. Jeeze, get over yourself…. Totally just kidding! But seriously, take a break from the hard work of being authentic and repost someone else’s hard work. It’s also a great way to show that you are well-rounded and informed!
  6. Infographic – Who doesn’t love a great infographic! Whether it’s about the difference between Shia LeBouf before and after Transformers or the evolution of our taste in music, find a well designed infographic and share it with your clients! And relevancy should be implied here, just remember, when it comes to infographics, prettier is always better!
  7. Company Photos – What better way to build brand loyalty than by letting your clients into your own private world! Whether it’s behind-the-scenes images of your production floor or your work space at home, show them a more personal side of your business!
  8. Memes – Memes are the best thing to happen to the internet since Wikipedia! Make sure you find ones that match your branding and that are in line with the perception of your business that you want your audience to see.
  9. Brands You Love – This is an important aspect to branding. Nowadays, social media gives you  the ability to associate yourself and your business to brands that either resemble your business goals or mission, brands you love or brands you look up to! Branding is about giving your business a personality so think long and hard about the personality you want to give your brand and make sure it jives. For example, you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with Ross “Dress for Less”  if you are a business selling higher end items. Instead, think about associating your brand with Burberry or Audi. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to shop there in order to mention the brand in your social media channels; post an ad or a product pic from their website!
  10. Tip, Trick or Word of Advice – Regardless of your type of business there is always a tidbit of information that you can share to engage your audience. The art of positioning yourself as an expert or the “go to” resource in your niche is really good for increasing your following on social media, and even giving you better positions in Google rankings! If someone is desperately looking for information on a topic and searches for answers on Google, your well-structured blog just might pop up as that perfect piece!
  11. Your Own Marketing Material – As a small business owner, everything you spend time and money on is usually high-value and very calculated. Rarely do we waste time with things that we don’t feel will have a positive impact on our business. Well, that’s basically true about every piece of marketing material you create! From your new business card design to pamphlets and sales sheets, always share your marketing material with your clients. Not only does this keep them informed, it keeps your business at the top of their mind!
  12. Interesting Blog Post From Another Blogger – Even if you are wanting and do create your own information for your audience, sometimes someone else just wrote it better! Don’t try to rewrite an excellent blog post and definitely don’t copy it! Instead, share it! Pat them on the back for doing a great job and acknowledge them via your social media platforms. This can also help to create strategic relationships when you get to link-building!
  13. FAQ – Every business has them, questions that constantly get asked by your clients. Well, why not answer those common questions you get. This, hopefully, will help give clients a better experience and can possibly help you weed out the bad clients. I mean, did they go to your site and read ANY of the information you presented?!
  14. Surveys/Polls – Have you ever conducted a survey or poll that directly connects your audience to your business? If your answer is no, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do! There’s no better way to find out what people think of your business or brand than to just flat out ask. Of course you don’t want to be so blunt with your questioning, but surveying people on what they find most and least valuable about what you offer is a great start. So, hop on over to SurveyMonkey and get to surveying! And then, hop back over to Facebook and share that bad boy!
  15. Important Milestones, Launches, and Important Events – Your audience is already following you, and has show an interest in the information you have to share. Celebrate, announce and involve your audience in the milestones that your business inevitably will hit. If you’re launching a new product and/or service, share it on social media! If you are attending a tradeshow or other event, tell them when and where they can find you. Share the good times and successes with your audience. It’ll help them build confidence in your brand and give them peace of mind that your business is here to stay!hands-coffee-smartphone-technology-large

Did we miss anything? Do you have a social media topic that you use in your strategy that garners engagement? Help us help other small business owners by sharing your positive experiences!

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