Awesome Gift Ideas For The Entrepreneur In Your Life

What Do You Get Someone Who Owns A Business?

Another business??

We love giving gifts! We especially love giving gifts that support other small businesses and are useful for people like us: people always on the go and working hard to make that cash money!

Here are some excellent gift ideas we have compiled, from one entrepreneur to another!



Um… yes, please! How is this not the best gift idea for an entrepreneur? Picture this: it’s 11:16pm right now and you’re hunkering down for an all-nighter but discover the cup of coffee you brewed is cold because one of your kids woke up needing help in the bathroom. Pretty vivid depiction, huh? Totally happened a few nights ago to me! This mug warmer keeps your drink warm with your computer’s USB port and, had I had one of these, lets you pull an all nighter with a HOT cup of coffee!


Who has time to workout at the gym every day? Definitely not someone running their own small business. Drink lots of green tea to boost your metabolism and black tea to detox! “Each artisan blend is carefully crafted for maximum flavor pushing boundaries that fit inside a teacup.” AND, they are giving away one free month when you subscribe for a year. What are you waiting for?


This company is just pure amazing! You might have seen them on Shark Tank, making our community of #Milspreneurs (military spouse entrepreneurs) so incredibly proud!! R.Riveter provides portable careers for military spouses who are stationed all over the world. Each bag is handcrafted by a military spouse and made from recycled military apparel and materials! Feeling patriotic or environmentally conscious? Then get some guilt-free shopping done with R.RIVETER.

Southern Elegance Candle Company


These candles are a personal favorite! They burn cleanly and last much longer than expensive brand name candles. They have so many different fragrances so you can find the perfect candle to wind down with, liven up a room, or even set the mood for you know what!!

We feel we have well-equipped you to do some shopping damage, so happy shopping!

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