WE LOVE TOOLS. There’s just something satisfying about having your desk stocked with office supplies and accessories!

Digital tools, on the other hand, just make life worth living! Right? I mean, maybe that’s an overstatement….

Truthfully, though, there are SO many products out there that claim they can help you be more productive, more efficient, and just get sh*t done. But, we’ve found (surprise, surprise) that some of these tools aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Over the years, we’ve kept it pretty simple because we believe an important part of being a successful business owner is managing your expenses. So, we use only the best tools that give us the most bang for our buck.


Here are our top 7 tools we can’t live without!



We’ve been using this fast-growing CRM since their beta-testing days and it’s been fun watching the platform and their community of users grow so rapidly! A CRM is like a business’s oxygen stream. You need something to manage all of your clients otherwise, you’ll soon find that you no longer have a business. Dubsado allows you to store your clients important information, send out forms, proposals, and contracts, handle workflows for each project, and generate invoices so you can get paid! If you are looking to make the switch from spreadsheets and sticky notes to a CRM, we highly recommend Dubsado!

P.S. You can use code TheHiveCo for 20% off your first month! You’re welcome 😉



This beast is AMAZING at helping you slay your email marketing game! Want to send out a series of emails to group A and B, but make sure that A & B receive different intro emails? Want to create nurture campaigns to slowly but surely turn a prospect into a paying client? Ready to start marketing that new course you’ve created? Then you, my friend, need ConvertKit. It’s amazing how an effective email campaign can impact your business!



We absolutely love CoSchedule. Sure, we’ve tried the other content calendars out there, but nothing is as easy or intuitive for us to use as CoSchedule. One of our favorite things about CoSchedule is the ability to seamlessly integrate with WordPress. That way, when we publish a new blog (like this one), we can schedule Pins for months in advance! Yup, if you’re using Pinterest you should be re-pinning your content! Social media is probably a big part of your marketing efforts, so switching may not be of interest to you. However, make sure that you give CoSchedule at trial run to see if it frees up some of your time to focus on other areas of your business.



Canva is wonderful if you’re design-challenged (like Miranda) or need to create quick graphics on the go and don’t have time to bother with Adobe (like Shiang-ling). Whether you are creating graphics for social media, your blog, or even infographics, Canva makes it easy to product beautiful content. Another great thing we love about Canva is that we can easily collaborate on a single design and get it just right for launch.



We’ve only been using FreedCamp for a few months and are using maybe 40% of the features, but so far, this tool has been great for project management and has drastically increased our efficiency as a team! One of our favorite things is the hierarchy we’re able to establish! We setup multiple projects and then group them based on what part of our business they support. For example, all of our client projects are grouped together. Then, we are able to setup tasks and sub-tasks ’til no end! If you find yourself letting things slip through the crack, Freedcamp will keep your behind in check. And it’s EXTREMELY “cost-effective” (aka cheaper) than some other project management tools out there.


Google Drive

If Google Drive shut down, our business would come to a grinding halt. While we use our CRM for a lot of client communication, we store EVERYTHING in Google Drive. It makes it easy for us to work and collaborate as a team and it’s so easy to use that we can send a Google Drive link to virtually anyone and they know what to do with it. You know where all the cool kids are hanging out, right? “To the cloud!





Yes, we’re a digital company. So technically we don’t need face-to-face interactions. But that’s no fun! You can’t tell a great joke via email and get the same deliverability! You can’t text a potential client and ask about their vision for their business. Sometimes, nothing beats eye contact and the ability to read body language. However, a ton of our clients are hundreds of miles away. Does that mean we forsake face-to-face communication? Zoom has made a difference not only in our communication with far-away clients, but also with our professionalism. Instead of trying to fumble our way through a three-way call, we use Zoom to get people connected and have real conversations.


Have any helpful tips or tools to share? Let us know in the comments below so that we can add to our list and keep growing and learning together!


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