Fads suck. Remember those horrible green rust lines your mood ring would leave on your finger? And let’s not even try to deny the fact that you used to own a blacklight. However, fads and trends are important to stay abreast of, especially when it comes to web design. There are over 1 BILLION websites on the internet. That amounts to a lot of noise! So, how do you stand out from the masses and ensure your site is attracting and engaging users? With fads and trends!

Our Favorite Web Design Trends of 2018

It can be hard trying to pick which trend to incorporate into your website. Which ones are fleeting and should be avoided? Which ones are easy to implement with your CMS? You also want the trend to be unique but not so unique that it becomes disruptive to the experience on your site. These trends are here to stay and can improve your site’s look and experience. Can you say, “hello, 2018”!


Bold Colors Are All The Rage

Remember, you are vying for the attention of users who spend more than 4 hours a day on the internet. Using bold colors may be intimidating at first, especially if you have a muted brand or are a B2B company. But bold colors can help you grab your user’s attention, inspire their mood, and visually guide them to take action on your site (aka, increase conversions)! One of the easiest ways to incorporate this web design trend into your website is by taking one of the existing colors on your site, throwing it in a color wheel, and manipulating the CMYK or RGB settings. AND, if all of your competitors are playing it safe and using muted colors—all the more reason to start turning up the chroma and let those bold colors fly!

bright color website design trend of 2018

Think Mobile First, Desktop Second

When was the last time you checked your site analytics? I’m not normally a gambling woman, but I would bet money that at least 30% of your traffic is coming from mobile. And guess what? That’s only going to increase as smartphone usage continues to proliferate! If your users have to do any pinching on your site from their mobile device, that’s no bueno and sooooo 2012. When you start to redesign or improve your site, design for mobile screens first. Taking something from a 3-inch screen to a 14-inch screen is WAAAY easier than taking something from a 14-inch screen and smashing it down onto a 3-inch screen.

2018 website design trend mobile first


Broken Grids

One very common practice in web design is using grids to ensure balance in your site design. However, as of late, straight and balanced is not always best. Some companies are now going for the asymmetrical look. And boy, does breaking the norm really make you stand out! These websites are the epitome of forward-thinking. However, don’t let this discourage you from trying out the trend. Some simple things you can incorporate into your site are large, full-screen images with off-centered text.

2018 web design trend broken grid layout

Minimalism To The Max

One trend that’s super easy to incorporate is minimalism. Right now in the digital world, less is best! However, minimalism isn’t the “easy route”. It’s not about simply stripping everything away from your site. Minimalism takes uber UX experience. The idea is to use less but communicate just as effectively, and oftentimes better than when you had all the bells and whistles. One way to incorporate minimalism into your website is to slim back on content and really prioritize information. Use attention-grabbing, curiosity-peaking, leading copy to encourage users to scroll/click through your site.

minimalism website design trend 2018


According to YouTube, video gets viewed roughly 5x more than static images. That means that video is more engaging and interesting, right? So, how do you use video on your site? One popular place to use video is your homepage, right smack above the fold. Instead of using words or images to describe what you do, use a video that shows what you do. It makes for one heck of a great first impression! However, don’t just start uploading videos to your site. Videos are very large files that can slow your site down. Be sure that you’re using short clips and avoid uploading videos to your site. Instead, embed YouTube links so your site stays fast.


Looks like you’re all up-to-speed with web design trends of 2018! Don’t be afraid to hop onto these hypothetical bandwagons and start transforming your site into a fresh, engaging experience for your potential clients.


Need help incorporating these web design trends into your site? Give us a shout and we’ll help you select the right trends and get started on the transformation!

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