Your 12 Step Guide to Starting a Small Business | Step 2

Hello…. Um… is this thing on???.

Well, shit. Nobody shared their ‘business brainstorming’ pictures. I hope you all are just shy or maybe have really bad handwriting! Don’t worry, though; we forgive you!

Now, steps 2-6 are really gonna kick your ass; a lot of writing, brainstorming, and planning! But, follow along as we guide you through the process and make things muuuch simpler!

Step 2: Pen to Paper Baby. Let’s do this!

This is the stage that many of us entrepreneurs skip. I won’t lie, I myself was always bad about writing things out beforehand. My business plan was always in a notebook jumbled in with my to-do lists, grocery lists and a few random doodles here and there. Then, I met my business partner, Miranda, and she made me work through my chaotic process and format it correctly! Thanks goodness for business partners!

As much of a pain in the ass these steps were to me, and will be to you, they are sooooo helpful and fundamental to the start-up process! Defining your ideas on paper creates a concrete accountability system that most people need in order to be successful!

To help, we have a handy-dandy FREE business plan template for you to download and start business planning!

Still need some help? Leave us your questions in the comments section or send us an email!

If you haven’t seen Step 1 click here and stay tuned for Step 3 next Monday!

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