Why Partner With The Hive & Co. To Market Your Small Business?

The Hive & Co. is dedicated to providing actionable advice, insightful resources, and day-to-day tips to help your small business achieve its goals.

Know How

With 3 successful small businesses and over 8+ years in corporate America, The Hive & Co. has both insight and experience. From juggling a full-time job and new business venture, to running multiple small businesses while trying to turn a profit, we know what it takes to be successful! Whether it’s advice and tips or online marketing help, The Hive & Co. can help your small business.


Every business is unique, especially in the small business world. That is precisely why The Hive & Co. offers a-la-carte marketing services that empower clients to utilize only the services that fit their specific needs and budgets. From a quick Social Media blitz, to a 6-month SEO scrub-down, to a comprehensive marketing campaign, we work with your business to give you exactly what you need.


Here at The Hive & Co. we don’t claim to have the ability or downright capacity to be your supplier in all things marketing. Some people might think it’s crazy to admit that you can’t do everything, but we think it’s empowering! We are female entrepreneurs; it’s what we know, it’s who we are, and it’s who we want to help. What does that mean for you as a client? Honesty, transparency and no run-around.

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