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What Story Does Your Brand Tell?

Great branding is so much more than a pretty logo or a stunning color palette. While those things are important, they’re only the beginning. Your brand tells a story about your business. The moment someone encounters your business, the experience begins. From your logo and website to your physical office, everything needs to be consistent and tell the same captivating story, entrancing your clients. But you don’t have to worry about all of that. We’ll develop a brand that tells the story of your business.

brand identity & design services

Our approach is 3 tiered; we focus on creating the identity, designing the aesthetics and developing a holistic strategy that encompasses your business’s vision and mission. From marketing assets and logos to tone and style, we’ll create a strong brand for your business.

Basic Brand Identity

Some of the most basic components of your brand are what your customers see every day: your logo, a consistent color scheme, and images.We work to improve these foundational components of your brand. We develop assets that shape your customers’ experiences with your business in a positive way.

Brand Identity & Strategy

Our Brand Identity & Strategy service allows us to develop a comprehensive brand that takes the entire customer journey into consideration. From typography pairings and custom graphics to positioning statements and brand guidelines, we’ll develop your brand and then help you deploy it.

branding portfolio

Logos are our favorite! This is the hallmark of your business and something your potential and current customers will always associate with. View our branding portfolio to get inspiration for your new brand or see the beautiful work we’ve created.

branding project the hive and co
branding project the hive and co

the branding process


Creation & Design


thoughts & advice

We write A LOT. With so much information swirling around in our heads, it’s hard to not write everything down that we’ve learned and experienced as entrepreneurs. From gaining new traffic and keeping users engaged to tackling imposter syndrome, grab a cup of joe (or vodkawe don’t judge), and enjoy the good reads!

Selecting The Right Colors For Your Brand

Color plays one of the most important roles in the construction of our visual world. It’s also one of the most visible parts of a company’s brand. When we see a color, our brain instantly begins to make interpretations, build associations, and develop impressions....

To Curse Or Not To Curse | What Fits Your Brand

Shiang-ling and I are different in many ways. It’s one of the things that makes our partnership so awesome and rewarding. She’s the artistic spirit and I’m the methodical analyzer. She’s the bold daredevil and I’m the reserved cautionary. She’s the serial entrepreneur...

Branding Yourself or Your Business | VetraConX Recap

"Branding is the action of creating something for people to connect to, whether it’s yourself, a product or service. Your brand is part of your reputation and reliability." A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at American Dream U's VETRACONx 2017...

So do we! Let’s pencil in a date and time so that we can chat about your project and find out how we can help!

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