Jeanna Daniels Health Coaching

A health and wellness lifestyle coach who focuses on empowering women to love themselves and remain healthy in all aspects of life.

Web Design

Empowering & Personable

Jeanna Daniels Health Coaching came to The Hive & Co. with a newly developed brand. The next step in getting this new business of the ground was to develop a website. The website needed to empower women, clearly communicate the program, and encourage people to sign up for an email nurture campaign.

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health coach website design
health coach website design
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Lighthearted & Encouraging

Women are often under overwhelming amounts of pressure to be perfect. We’re overly critical of our bodies and everything we do. With the main audience being the art community, the Jeanna Daniels website needed to be lighthearted and uplifting while expressing the importance of health and wellness. To achieve this, we focused on the promoting the core message of the company, “Fully Love Yourself”.

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