Michele Bradfield

A military-spouse owned marketing consultancy agency that creates dynamic marketing campaigns for events.

Web Design

From Homemade to Professional

Michele Bradfield supports businesses during important events by developing marketing campaigns to increase reach and drive traffic/awareness. With a simple, homemade website, Michele Bradfield felt limited in terms of their online potential. They chose to work with The Hive & Co. so that we could develop a professional website that showcased their many achievements and improved their ability to generate leads.

web design for interior designers
new website for interior designer

Engaging & Informative

There’s a lot of information that needed to be communicated on the MicheleBradfield site. So, in order to ensure users were staying engaged with the site while on a mobile device, we used strong leading questions to entice users to continue scrolling.

So do we! Let’s pencil in a date and time so that we can chat about your project and find out how we can help!


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