The Designer Workshop of Virginia Beach, VA

For over 35 years, this long-standing Virginia-based small business has been serving the interior design industry.

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A High-End, Modern Brand

As a trusted trade partner for the interior design industry with over 35 years of experience, The Designer Workshop came to The Hive & Co. with new leadership and the need for a new brand. The company wanted to rebrand so that they had a more current look and feel while still embodying the same core values their customers were used to. With a couple of color suggestions, we developed a mood board that is high-end and sophisticated yet fun and inventive.
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A Fun, Graphically-Driven Web Site

As part of the interior design industry, The Designer Workshop needed a website that had plenty of crisp, compelling graphics and minimal text. During the web design process, it was very important to prioritize information and strategically plan all links to ensure seamless navigation. We then selected branded images that conveyed meaning to the user. This simple yet informative website gives clients exactly what they need.

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